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Ensure Sound Business Transactions With Knowledgeable Legal Advice

Every lawyer recognizes the importance of preventing business litigation through the careful design and execution of transactions. For best results in all areas of business law, our attorneys urge you to work with an experienced litigator who is committed to helping your organization avoid conflicts by guiding you skillfully through transactions.

Lawrence Bartels LLP consists of a legal team with a vast storehouse of knowledge of business law. Our lawyers help clients start and operate businesses for the sake of achieving their stated purposes and preventing litigation

Handle Business Transactions With Care For Best Results

With careful attention to detail, we customize our contract-related services to meet individual business needs. Based in Irvine, our business lawyers help clients throughout California plan and carry out a wide range of business litigation and transactions involving:

  • Entity selection and corporate formation
  • Contract creation and negotiation for purchasing, selling or leasing goods, materials, tools and real estate properties
  • Employment contract creation and execution; employee manual creation
  • Zoning applications and other transactions involving interaction with government agencies
  • Mergers and acquisitions

In all business transactions, our lawyers keep the clients’ bottom lines in mind. We are as interested in containing costs for our clients as they are. We value our clients’ best interests as well as our own reputation.

Request An Attorney’s Guidance

Whether you are concerned about the legal aspects of a one-time large business deal or would like help from a lawyer to devise safe, profitable business transactions on an ongoing basis, we are here for you. Contact us today to schedule a preliminary conversation about your needs by calling 949-516-9906 or completing our simple online form.