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When Breach Of Fiduciary Duty Disrupts Trust And Financial Stability

Business clients of Lawrence Bartels LLP look to our attorneys for counsel and representation in the face of allegations of breach of fiduciary duty. Our clients may be plaintiffs who claim they were wronged or they may be defendants who have been accused of breaching their fiduciary duty in some way.

Our decades of experience and our record of sophisticated handling of complex matters are strong rationales for hiring us to represent you or your business in a breach of fiduciary business case. We welcome inquiries from business owners and other representatives who are grappling with breach of fiduciary duty-related losses or accusations.

Did Breach Of Fiduciary Duty Occur, In Fact?

Did your business allegedly let stockholders down in some way, resulting in monetary or strategic losses to them? Or did a fund manager mishandle resources that you rightfully considered to be safe – resulting in serious financial losses to you or lost business opportunities? Whichever side of the equation you are on, our business litigation lawyers are ready to fight for your rights and interests.

You may have been harmed by a breach of fiduciary duty – or you may have committed a breach of fiduciary duty – if the following conditions are verifiable:

  • A relationship of financial responsibility existed between you and the other party. (You may have been the fiduciary or someone relying on a fiduciary’s competency and right actions.)
  • The fiduciary allegedly did not keep the trust as expected; they did not act in the best interest of the other party.
  • The fiduciary may have breached their duty in one of these ways:
    • They did not disclose critical financial information.
    • They abused their position of trust.
    • They seized a business opportunity unethically and without justification.
    • They violated confidentiality.

Request An Attorney’s Opinion And Guidance

If you have been accused of breach of fiduciary duty or have been harmed in some way through another party’s violation of trust, consult with a lawyer. At Lawrence Bartels LLP, we help clients weigh the costs and benefits of litigation and other legal pathways to resolution. We welcome your inquiry by email or by phone at 949-516-9906.