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Bring A Breach Of Contract Claim Or Defend Against Such A Claim

Nearly all business transactions involve contracts. Through written and verbal contracts, businesses are formed and carry out their purposes, such as the sale of goods and services. Contracts are enforceable in various ways, including through breach of contract litigation.

Lawrence Bartels LLP is an established business litigation firm consisting of an experienced, dedicated team of lawyers. We brought large law firm sophistication to the creation of this firm with a manageable size that allows for the personalization of our legal services. Our attorneys represent businesses in breach of contract claims as well as other types of disputes and litigation.

What Breach Of Contract Claims Accomplish

In a breach of contract claim, a wronged party proves that another party violated an agreement. The agreement may have been between:

  • Business partners
  • Shareholders and business owners
  • Businesses and external entities: customers, commercial landlords and others

A successful resolution from the plaintiff’s perspective may be one or more of the following (or other) legal remedies:

  • Compensatory damages: Awarding the wronged party payment or restitution, putting them back in the position they were in before the contract existed
  • Punitive damages: Imposing penalties above and beyond the dollar value of the alleged losses
  • Specific performance: Compelling the wrongdoing party to do what the contract required
  • Cancelation and restitution: Repaying whatever was spent or lost

Our Business Litigation Attorneys Offer Sophistication And Personalization

Getting legal advice early in the development of a dispute over a contract can make a great difference in the outcome. We are ready to evaluate your case and, if you hire us, prepare as if for trial. Most breach of contract cases settle out of court, but we are always ready to advocate for our clients before any legal opponent, including a jury if necessary.

To schedule a consultation at our Irvine offices or elsewhere, call 949-516-9906 or email us.