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Mergers are a time of meaningful change for companies

May 8, 2024 | Business Litigation

A merger brings two companies together as one. This is usually done to give the new company a bigger competitive advantage in the market. Bringing together the strengths of both companies can push the company in the right direction, but it can also come with some growing pains. 

Finding ways to adjust certain aspects of the business to fit the new company’s needs can be a challenge. These points may be a good starting point for you as you determine how to proceed.

Establish new company procedures

Setting new company procedures is critical. These must be put in writing so everyone knows what’s expected. This also gives all employees and supervisors a place to look to ensure that policies are being applied unilaterally. It can also protect the company if someone takes legal action for something that’s actually an established policy. 

Create the new company culture

Determine what the new culture for the company is going to be. This should be centered around the values of the business. It may include things like focusing on an employee’s mental health while respecting the company’s needs or being an inclusive company that values the contributions of every employee. 

Set an all-company meeting

An all-company meeting is a chance to answer questions and set the attitude for the new business. Preparing for this meeting should include all the administrators and supervisors ensuring they’re on the same page and understand the priorities of the new company.

Having everything appropriately documented for the new company is one of the most important ways to protect it. Working with someone who’s able to help set up all legal documents is important.