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When does a brand violate someone’s intellectual property rights?

May 3, 2022 | Copyright & Trademark Litigation and Applications

There are millions of businesses starting up each year with a unique brand for each and everyone made. They might have a catchy tune and a strong slogan. Of course, they each have a logo that separates them from the rest of the competition. 

You may have noticed while creating your brand that many brands start to look a little similar. You may even find companies with similar brands as your own. This may result in a claim that the intellectual property was stolen, violating another individual’s copyright protection

What can cause one company to accuse another of intellectual property theft? Here’s what you should consider: 

A brand may (intentionally or not) have too many similarities to another

Everyone takes a little inspiration from others when creating their business. This is the nature of anything creative and successful. Some people, however, may try to use the entirety of another business brand without much change. 

You might have noticed the use of the same slogan as yours. The other company may have used similar colors and designs. They might even have the same mottos, down to the exact words. For example, if someone opens a burger joint named “MacDonald’s” with a giant yellow “M” as their logo, it could be enough to fool people into believing that they’re about to order food from McDonald’s, instead.

If the other company fails to live up to people’s expectations, it could make you look bad by proxy. Brand confusion dilutes the value of what you produce.

Copyright protection and intellectual property laws ensure your brand isn’t used by the wrong hands. If your brand is being impinged, you might need to file a stolen copyright claim. You may need to seek legal guidance if you find yourself filing a claim against your stolen brand.