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Business law advocates receive comprehensive education, training

Jul 26, 2022 | Business Litigation

Whether you are new to running a business or you are a seasoned veteran, you will likely need legal guidance at some point. To name just one example, a disgruntled former employee might target your company in a discrimination claim.

Once you decide that you need legal assistance, it’s important to realize that not every counselor is equally qualified to address business issues. Below are four types of services under the umbrella that can help your company avoid or withstand legal trouble.

Contract law 

To minimize the potential for business disputes, consider an advocate who is experienced in contract law. Legal agreements that are drafted around your specific needs reduce breaches and other violations.

Employment law

California employment laws are dense and contain language the average employer isn’t familiar with. Employment law guidance ensures that nothing going on within your company violates employee rights.

Intellectual property law

Most modern businesses possess intellectual properties that may need legal protection. A representative knowledgeable about trademarks, patents, and additional forms of intellectual property can help ensure that you intellectual property stays safe.

Tax law

A top goal for many business owners is minimizing the tax burdens that typically plague business operations. A tax law professional can find ways to reduce these burdens and help you achieve a good outcome if the IRS comes calling.

By now, you might think you need four legal representatives to shield your company from litigation, but that does not have to be the case. Many business law professionals undergo training to practice in the above areas and provide comprehensive services.

Seeking more information about business law and litigation can help you pinpoint your specific advocacy needs.